Springfield's Harvest Market

Our Springfield Harvest Market team is full of creative, hard working individuals. Thanks to all of their hard work, we opened just before Thanksgiving of 2020.

Inside the store, you can find new and innovative foods in the Deli and Bakery, unique and delicious produce, local and speciality items in Grocery, Dairy and Frozen! Our Farmhouse Restaurant is always cooking up something delicious and new to enjoy at a table or upstairs in the Mezz! Need a place to unwind? The Mezz is the perfect place for relaxing, working and grabbing a nice drink at the Bar.

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Seafood & Meat Department

With such a knowledgable team, we try all kinds of unique species and cuts. The cases are consistently changing!

Not sure where to start? Our team will cook it for you! Pick our your item and how you want it cooked, and we will cook it while you shop!

Our Churn Room, located in the Dairy Department is made of glass windows so people can view the Butter making process.Fresh, In-House Churned Butter

We make fresh, churned butter right here in store! Made with cream from Rolling Lawns Farm, our team works
to churn the butter and give you a variety of flavors, as well.
Found in the Dairy Department!

Farmhouse Restaurant

Innovative foods, freshly made, and absolutely delicious. Recipes from our very own chef, prepared for you for breakfast, brunch, and lunch! Open everyday 6:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Cheese Department

Cheese lovers will LOVE this corner! Cheeses from every corner of the world, right here in Springfield. Not sure what wines and crackers to pair it with? Just ask our cheese monger.

Bulk Department

Shop our bulk section! From specialty flours, to trail mixes, and chocolate covered goodies, we've got it all. We also have a peanut butter churner! Pick between regular peanut butter, almond butter and honey roasted peanut butter and be on your way!

The Nook

Made for Cooking Classes, so you can flip, stir, and whisk like a pro! Due to the coronavirus, classes are suspended until further notice. However, watch our Facebook page for updates and videos!

More about the Nook

Learn about what the Nook can offer in the future.

"Taste the Farm Difference" in a script font, above our frozen coolers.

Taste the Farm Difference

Our path is to taste and connect to the farm difference. We focus on finding good food, that taste great... always. In doing so, we also connect our customers and our associates to farmers, food makers, and to the land.