Triple S Farms

Triple S Farms

October 28, 2016

We visited the farm in Stewardson, Illinois this fall to learn more about these free range “Broad-Breasted Bronze” beauties, and Stan Schutte, the owner/ farmer was ready to talk turkey!

Walking through the rain puddles to the lush grass pasture where their turkeys are raised, Stan explained he believes human contact with their livestock is important.

“We talk to our animals every day while we hand feed them. We don’t have to chase our animals – when they see us with a bucket, they come to us!”

As we approached the turkeys all gobbled in concert, as though they were backing up what Stan had said.

“Our turkeys are on full feed every day. They have unlimited free choice of non-GMO grain, grass and bugs – all they can eat. They prefer grass and bugs, so the crickets are usually gone by 10 am – turkeys have great eyesight! We practice intensive grazing, when the grass begins to get shorter, we move them to another area of the pasture.”

We learned why Triple S Farm’s turkeys are so good. Pasture raised turkeys have darker skin, like they’ve been outside catching some rays (which they have)! They have black feathers and, unlike white turkeys, the few remaining pin feathers will be dark. Just as more colorful vegetables tend to have more nutritional value, meat with more color has a better, more condensed flavor.

Stan raises pork, beef, chicken and turkeys on the picturesque farm. Throughout our visit, Stan’s passion for the farm was obvious. As a fellow farmer our CEO, Rich Niemann Jr, expressed his appreciation for Triple S Farm’s efforts and dedication. They both agree that raising healthy animals is a labor of love and Stan feels lucky to provide the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table.

Triple S Farm’s philosophy is

animals are what they eat,

and the diet they provide produces a healthier finished product.